About us

Since 1992, the Isla Bonita Rural Tourism Association has been working to impel rural tourism and other new tourist products on the island of La Palma . As a plural association, it groups together around a hundred owners of country houses, and also other small associations and companies, and professionals in tourism and rural development.

grupoislabonitaA wide range of projects and initiatives have been promoted over these twenty years, in aspects such as developing rural accommodation and other tourist resources, management training for accommodation establishments, management of museums and places of tourist interest, implementing quality control systems (Q for quality award or Biosphere House), dynamising new products (eno-tourism and astro-tourism), market studies, cooperative projects in tourism and development together with other territories, among others. All in all, a concerted effort driven by a non-profit oriented vocation, geared towards promoting the natural and cultural assets of the island of La Palma , while providing services to the association’s members, and which seeks to win the satisfaction of all those who visit our island, stay at the houses belonging to our network, take part in activities, or visit our museums.

The Association therefore shares as its principles the conservation of environmental values and the responsible management of natural resources, the fomenting of viable and socially-useful tourist initiatives, and the contributing towards an increased territorial cohesion and solidarity within the island’s population.

Under the denomination ” Turismo Rural Isla Bonita ” we offer a choice of rural houses, completely immersed in nature or set in country surroundings, enabling you not only to contemplate nature and admire the landscape, but also placing walking, hiking, cycling, or other enjoyable ways of exploring the island at your very fingertips. Secluded locations lacking in noise, in old but lovingly-restored houses, which are well-maintained and equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay, and which offer guaranteed privacy, are among the selection criteria for the accommodation featured in our catalogue.

These are our country houses (go to list of houses): we hope you like them.

The Association has its own booking centre ( reservas@islabonita.es – 922430625) whose job it is to ensure that clients and owners receive all the necessary information about each booking, and to guarantee that those in charge of the accommodation respond rapidly to any unforeseen circumstances which might arise. It is here, in the booking centre, where Laura and Ana can advise you on the ideal rural house for your holidays. All you need to think about initially is what characteristics and requirements you have regarding the house, when you intend to travel and the number of people planning to stay. From here we can advise you on houses, zones, and on more specific aspects not covered on the website. We’ll be delighted to help!